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Why St Kevin’s?

At St. Kevin’s College, we believe in offering our students the highest quality of education in a safe, happy, caring and challenging environment.

Every individual is a valued member of our college community and, through the provision of a comprehensive curriculum, we ensure that they are given every opportunity to develop to their fullest potential. Our academic performance is excellent, with the vast majority of students entering third level education annually.

In pursuit of academic excellence, we never lose sight of the individuality of each student in our care. Our level of care and support for students is unparalleled. Students of St. Kevin’s College thrive because they are supported, encouraged, cared for and feel a real sense of belonging.

An important factor in student success in our college is the nurturing of a proactive partnership between the pupil, the college and the home. Such a relationship between college and home is especially important in first year during the transition from Primary to Post primary.

Parents/Guardians are extremely supportive of our college and we encourage regular contact both formally and informally throughout your child’s time with us.

The college has an enviable reputation in a wide range of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, which is facilitated by the personal dedication of our teachers and staff to providing a truly holistic education.

Continuous professional development is our mantra ensuring that every aspect of our activity is carried out at a level commensurate with best practice. Our aim is to provide the students with a first class education.

In choosing to send your son to St. Kevin’s College, you are making the best decision regarding their post primary education. This prospectus will give you an overview of our college. However if you require further information and would like to visit our college, please contact us and we will facilitate a more in-depth presentation.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Fostering Holistic Development
  • Excellent Facilities
  • Wide Curriculum
  • Variety of Academic Programmes
  • Broad Range of Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Dedicated Pastoral Care Teams
  • Positive Approaches to Discipline
  • Inclusive Environment
  • Multi-Cultural
  • Welcoming of All Faiths
  • Progressive in IT
  • Professional, Highly Qualified Staff
  • Dedicated Special Educational Needs Team
  • Community Engagement
  • Socially Conscious
  • Sense of Belonging