1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

Mission Statement

Regina Mundi College is a Voluntary Secondary School, founded by Miss Margaret Mary Finbarr Corrigan in 1961.  It is under the supervision of a Board of Directors.  The ethos of the school is Christian, based on the philosophy, official teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic Church, while respecting other traditions, values and beliefs.

Our aims as educators are:

  • to cherish excellence in each member of the school community
  • to develop in each student a strong sense of social responsibility
  • to promote and encourage the potential of each student
  • to accommodate and nurture the ability of all our students
  • to prepare them for further education, the world of work and to become  committed members of society

We aim to achieve these goals through the dynamic partnership that exists between students, parents, staff and management.