1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

TY News

The Transition Year media class have posted the following updates:

4th year Religion Trip.

In October all 4th years went on a religion and history trip. Our classes were divided into groups. While one group went to Kinsale, the other group went on a trip to all the churches in Cork. We left the school at 9 in the morning and travelled by bus into Cork City.

We started our trip at the Jewish Synagogue. Since most of the students are Catholic, we were not allowed to go inside the Synagogue. On the front of the Synagogue we saw the Star of David and a girl from our year, Jenni Gilbert, told us the history of it.

The next church we visited was the Holy Trinity. Inside we were told about the history of the church and we all said a silent prayer. The name Holy Trinity comes from the Latin “Trinitas”, meaning the number three.

Next we went to UCC to visit the Honan Chapel. We got a guided tour of all the grounds of UCC, where we saw sights such as the Ogham stones and the Quad. We went into the Honan and learned about the meaning of the designs and layouts, such as the stained glass windows and paintings on the floor. We also learned that to get married in the Honan the two people must be graduates of UCC. We had a half an hour break to get lunch from the cafeteria. While we were having lunch we saw students who  were graduating on that day.

One of the most interesting visits was St Finbarrs Cathedral. We found this church interesting as we learned that the Golden Angel, on top of the cathedral, had once been stolen while it was being cleaned. The only reason the angel was returned was the man who stole the angel got caught when he was trying to get it melted down for gold.

The final church we visited was St Anne’s Church in Shandon. This was my favourite church as it was very welcoming to a diverse amount of people and was very supportive towards gay rights. Up the front of the church there were two gay pride flags showing this. I also enjoyed this as we got to ring the Shandon Bells. At the end we climbed up to the top of the church and looked over the whole of Cork City.

By Audrey Kane

Arbutus Bakery Trip.

The fourth year home economics students were kindly invited to the Arbutus Bakery in Mayfield  on the 9th of October. They were warmly greeted by the owner Declan Ryan and Deirdre the  Public Relations of the business. The group of 36 transition year students were split into smaller  ‘batches’ to experience what the bakery has to offer.

We started off by helping Declan make the dough, which included the rarity sourdough that this  bakery is known for. Sourdough is beneficial to your health and this is  important to the bakery  as they are believers in the slow food movement. This is when food is produced slowly, which is  better for you.

We helped Declan make the celebrated Foccacia Bread, made with the finest ingredients such as   crème fraiche, fresh vine tomatoes, aromatic basil leaves and freshly picked Provencal thyme. It  was heavenly!

The bakery had won three Michelin stars, which is an honor in artisan bakeries. The girls really  enjoyed the trip, especially making the delicious bread. It was really enjoyable.

By  Audrey Kane  and  Lynn  Murphy

Fashion Show

On the 29th of January the Fashion Show from the Transition Years of the Regina Mundi College took part in the Rochestown Park Hotel.

Over 130 outfits from ten shops were worn by about 80 of the students. This year the audience could see outfits from Buckley’s, Cummins Sports, New Look, ITSO ME, Hatitude, Miss Daisy Blue, Marks & Spencer’s, Tesco and Only. In addition the school Mini
Company, Hats Off, showed their products.

Also, four outfits from the Art class were presented. All of them where made by students using old recyclable materials like paper or willow. The outfits are made for the competition “Junk Kouture” and three of the outfits will be seen in the finals on March 14th in Limerick.

The large number of shops allowed us to show a variety of clothing. The outfits range from pyjamas, to sport outfits to ball dresses.

The Rochestown Park Hotel prepared a big hall with a large runway on which all outfits were presented. Moreover the lighting effects and the sound system ensured a special evening.

Apart from the models there were about six solo singers and the Transition Year Music class who entertained the audience with songs like “Stay” by Rihanna.

During the song of Megan O’ Mahony and the song of Caoimhe O’ Brien and Colleen Hartley three other students performed a dance which they choreographed themselves.

Overall the fashion show 2014 was a great success and we are looking forward to the show next year!

by Miriam Weber

Mini Company 2014

We started Mini Company in September last year with Mrs Chadwick putting us on the right path. We decided to split our class in two because we had two brilliant ideas. The first company is called Linguisnap and the second company is called Hats Off.

Linguisnap is a verb game containing 17 English, Irish, French and German verbs. The managing director of this company is Steph Clifford. At the Blackpool Christmas Trade Fair in early December, we won the best Innovation award. We were over the moon!! We hope to win more awards soon as we have two trade fairs this week. We are also on Facebook and would really appreciate if you liked the page. The Linguisnap verb game are sold at a great price of €8.99. To order your cards now email us at minicompany2013@gmail.com. Our TY students held a really successful school fashion show in the Rochestown Park Hotel on the 29th of January. Linguisnap had their own stall at the event and sold plenty of their products.

Our other mini company is called Hats Off. We make hats and fascinators from scratch. You can order any style hat or fascinator you want by contacting us at minicompany2013@gmail.com. Some of the students and teachers modelled the hats we made in our TY fashion show in late January. We have lots of orders so get yours in fast! Based on the type of hat you want prices range from €9.99-€29.99. We had a stall at the fashion show and people were very interested to see what we were about.  There is a Competition on Facebook to see how many likes we can get so please get liking! It would be really appreciated!

We are  really enjoying Mini Company and the challenges it has put us through during this year as we all have an important role to play.

By Ciara Bogue and Aoife Ní Thuama