1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

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French Drama Group Visit Transition Year

By Audrey Kane and Sara Turnbull.

Four  French  actors recently visited  the  transition  year  students.  They performed  a  two  hour  original  French  play  to  try  show  the  pupils  that  learning  French  can be  fun.

The actors  arrived  at  half  eleven  and  invited  seven  fourth  year  students  to  act  along side them.  The  students  picked  were  Rebecca  Burke,  Judy  Mills,  Lucy  McGuire,  Ali  O’Shea,  Weronika  Basaj,  Anna  Rimmington  and  Megan Ivers.  These  students  were  dressed in traditional  French  Costumes  and  were  given  French  scripts  to  read  aloud  during  the play.

The  play  was  set  around  a  school  that  would  close  down  if  they  didn’t  get  six teachers  and  twenty thousand  euro.  The  four  French  actors  played  a  range  of  parts throughout  the  play.  They  changed  costumes  to  represent  the  different  roles  they  were acting  out.  Throughout  the  play  the  actors  involved  the  audience,  raising  hysterics  from  the crowd.

The  students  and  teachers  found the  play  interesting  and  funny.  The  girls  thought because  the  play  was  in  French  it  helped  and  improved  their  understanding  of  the  language. Instead  of  knowing  basic  greetings  such  as  “Bonjour!”  the  students  now  know  more  advanced  French  sentence  structures  such  as “Bonjour, tout  le  monde! Comment ca va?”

The  play  overall  was  a  success  and   the  year  group  agree  that  the  present  third  years  will  be  in  for  a  treat  when  the  French  Drama  Group  return  next  year.