1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

TY Updates

Transition Year students have posted the following updates on their recent activities:


Some TY students and Meitheal participants travelled to the SCALA retreat and conference centre in Blackrock, on Friday April 12th.

When we arrived, we were introduced to the three workers at SCALA and given name tags so that they would remember our names. We started off by playing a few games as ice breakers such as the Name Game so that we would become acquainted with each other and feel comfortable around each other.

We were then split up into two groups in which we remained in them for the rest of the day. In our separate groups we played games, did debating on topical issues that were relevant to the lives of teenagers, did some colouring and played more inter-active games.

At around 11 o’clock we were allowed eat our lunch in the canteen, which provided us withcups of tea and coffee.

After lunch we participated in a meditation session and discussed the various religions and cultures in the world. We really enjoyed this and felt very relaxed afterwards!

Over all the day was a real success and everyone had a brilliant time. We would definitely recommend for students to take part in this retreat next year!

Russian Module Class

In Transition Year we get to explore different languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Russian.  This gives us an opportunity to learn different cultures and much more.

During the start of the year I got to do the Russian module for eight weeks. Since I was born and lived in Russia for seven years this module allowed me to go back and remember the language and the culture of it more.

We learned the basics of Russian such as greetings, the alphabet and the numbers.

The Russian teacher, Irena who is in fact from Ukraine was an excellent teacher.  She taught us about how Ukraine also speaks Russian and how they are very close to each other.  She talked about what families are like in Russia and how it was a communist country.

I found the class very enjoyable as I was able to speak and show off my Russian and I also found it very interesting as some of the things I didn’t know about and now know.

I think everyone gained from this class and found it very interesting to learn about the differences and similarities in life in Russia and Ireland.

Veronika Deeny

Transition Year Business Module

During the course of this year, Transition year students have taken part in several modules as to develop their skills in different subjects such as Business. I took part in the Business module and greatly enjoyed the time I spent in the module. The module was very interesting and taught us the practical element of business and how we will use it in later life. In the module we learnt about taking out loans, saving, income and the cost of living. This allowed us to see how we use elements of business in our everyday life in an engaging way. I think we all learned a lot in this module. It allowed us an insight into what life after secondary school will be like.