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Discover Cork-schools’ heritage project                  7/2/13

          ‘The Spires of Cork’

Kate Scannell 4th Regina Mundi College

I am taking part in the Discover Cork- schools’ heritage project co-ordinated by Cllr Kieran McCarthy. I entered under the section; “The spires of Cork”.  I did my project on three of Corks most historical churches; Holy Trinity church, St Ann’s church and St Finbarre’s cathedral.

As part of my research for my project I went to visit these churches with Maeve O’Sullivan, Cliona O’Callaghan and all our fourth year religion class. We visited the four churches to help all of our projects and we received guided toured of the churches. Maeve and Cliona are also taking part in the project; their project is on the Honan chapel. Gemma Downing also entered this competition; she researched the history of her local Camogie club, Dungarvan.

We also went to the Cork City Library archives to find out more information about the churches. Here we found a huge amount of information and it was a great help to our project.

Even though this project was a lot of hard work, it was definitely worth it. I pass these buildings regularly and I knew nothing about them. When I heard about the competition I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to learn more about these buildings. I learned more than I ever thought I would and I really enjoyed learning about the churches and the spires of Cork!

Well done to Mr Kieran McCarthy and the Cork City Council for organising this challenging competition.