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Young Scientist Win

Congratulations to Regina Mundi College student Aina Hannisa who won two prizes in the recent BT Young Scientist and Technology Competition.

Aina won 1st prize in the Senior Group Behavioural Sciences category and also was declared Best Overall Communicator in the competition and won a bursary of €1000 which is to be spent on either her 2nd or 3rd level education.

Aina’s project was entitled “Investigation if Sudoku can Improve Mathematical Literacy and Logic Skills”.  The fifth year student enjoys the logic game of Sudoku and wondered whether it might provide a way to boost mathematical literacy and logic skills in students. She set up a trial with test subjects and controls to see if solving one Sudoku a day over three weeks could change IQ. She gave all subjects a short IQ test at the start and finish of the three weeks and compared the results of the two groups.

Those who did the Sudoku saw an improvement in their IQ test scores, while the controls saw only minimal change. “The IQ increased quite significantly compared to the control group.”

A good working memory was central to having a good “fluid intelligence”, she said and IQ tests are a good measure of fluid intelligence. And 56 per cent of the Sudoku users declared themselves afterwards as more comfortable dealing with numbers.