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TY News

Two exchange students in Transition Year have written the following article for our school website.

Life as an exchange student


Hi, we are Carina and Leonie from Germany. We arrived in Ireland on the 31st August 2012 and we are going to stay until the end of December and March.

School life in Ireland is very different from school life in Germany. Our school starts at 8 o’clock and ends at 1.15, 2.10 or 3.30 in the afternoon. Our lessons are 45 minutes long but most of the time we have double lessons. Here in Ireland the lunch break is only 30 minutes but in Germany it’s at least one hour, so we have the possibility to go home.

RMC is quite a small school compared to our schools in Germany which came in very handy as we didn’t get lost too much. Most of the schools at home have a thousand or more students.

We have experienced that the teachers are more open to their students. Most of the German teachers would never talk about their private life or personal experiences in school.

The first week of school was very exciting for us and we had to get used to wearing a school uniform because we don’t wear one in Germany. But it’s a lot easier in the morning because you don’t have to find something to wear.

We were also delighted by the fact that we were allowed to take part in the Gaeltacht trip to Dingle in October and we were really impressed by the beautiful countryside of Kerry. It was fantastic to see the sea and the cliffs for real and not only on postcards.

During the Mid-Term Break we went to Dublin and Galway to explore more of Ireland. It was so interesting to visit the capital and experience their lifestyle. It was quite a big city but we both are used to bigger cities so it was really nice!

All in all we are very lucky because our host families are more than fantastic. They did their best to help us in the beginning and we get on really well with them. We will miss them so much when we leave and we will definitely come back to Ireland!