1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

TY Update

Update on Transition Year news provided by students in the Transition Year Media Class:

Fourth Year Fashion Show

Written by Aisling Deegan 4 Delta

Every year the fourth years hold a fashion show and get clothes from local shops and boutiques. There is a new theme for the fashion show every year. The themes vary from Old School Hollywood to Space and this year our theme is Disney!

Everyone in the year is helping out in one way or another. Some girls are going to be modelling while some help with the quick costume changes back stage. There are three Performing Arts classes who are run by Ms. Kelleher, Mr. Finn and Ms. Beecher and one Choir class, which is also run by Ms. Beecher are currently working on the music. The Art students are making backdrops under the supervision of Ms. Murphy. 

The clothes are usually rented from shops in Douglas, or the surrounding areas. The clothes range from casual wear to sportswear to ball gowns.

German Exchange 2012

Written by Rebecca Coughlan

  On Thursday, 20th September some 4th and 5th year students of our school doing German as a subject headed off to Germany accompanied by Ms. Fitzgerald and Ms. Flynn. The German girls had previously done their exchange to Ireland on the 30th of April last and were delighted with their stay with the host families.

  Finally, it was our turn to head off and we were all so excited, especially after seeing the schedule for the week. Some of the activities included a trip to the Black Forest, excursions to Strasbourg and of course not forgetting the hugely anticipated theme park.

  Our flight to Paris was at 12.30 in the afternoon. We spent a couple of hours in Paris and waited for the TGV (fast train) that would take us down to the south-west of Germany. It was a long trip but we all had a good laugh anyway.

  Upon arrival, we all agree that we were treated like a part of the family. The hospitality of the German families and all associated with the exchange has to be credited. We were all a little nervous on our first day to Achern Gymnasium, a school much, much bigger than Regina Mundi with a population of roughly 1500 boys and girls, but there was no need. The efficiency of the Germans meant that there was always something to do and we all agree that there was never a dull moment.

  It was a great experience and I wouldn’t take back a minute of it, even if we had to wake up at 6 am for school!!

Junior Certificate Results 2012

Written by Alison Desmond

 On Wednesday the 12th September the results were given to present year 4th year students.  That morning there was great excitement and nervousness throughout the school. It was something that 4th years were waiting for a very long time.

Cut Aina Hannisa was very happy with her results as she received 12 higher level A’s. It was a great day for celebration with students going out with family and friends to mark their day. Many students went to discos such as City Hall and Eclipse with their friends to celebrate the occasion.

All students were very happy with their results and enjoyed the celebrations. Let’s hope everyone will be as happy for the Leaving Certificate!!!!!

Senior Hockey Team’s Tour to Holland

Written by Kate Scannel

On Thursday the 27th of August Regina Mundi College’s senior hockey team is going to Amsterdam on a hockey tour. The senior Hockey Team is mainly made up of 3rd-6th year students. The team will be leaving Cork airport early on Thursday morning and will return on Sunday the 30th of September early in the morning.

The team will be accompanied by Ms Barbara Johnson, Ms Deirdre Mills, Ms Veronica O’Mara and Mr David Egner. While the teams are in Holland they will play a series of matches as well as participating in training sessions. The team will take a tour of Amsterdam, visit the Anne Frank museum and visit other famous areas in Amsterdam. They will travel around Amsterdam on bikes to get to and from their destinations.

As Hockey was invented in Holland, Amsterdam is a perfect place to go on a hockey trip. The level of hockey in Holland is one of, if not, the highest level of hockey in the world. The team hope to gain new skills and this will stand to them as the new season vastly approaches.