1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

Leaving Cert results

Congratulations are extended to the Regina Mundi College Class of 2012, their teachers and parents on the outstanding results achieved in the Leaving Certificate examination of 2012.

7.8%of our students achieved 550 points or over (compared to 3.1% nationally), 19.6% of our students achieved 500 points or over (9.8% nationally), 33% of our students achieved 450 points or over (20.4% nationally), 74.5% of our students achieved 350 points or over (44.8% nationally) and 78.4% or our students achieved 300 points or over (56.9% nationally). These excellent results reflect the hard work, expertise and commitment of the teaching staff coupled with the work ethic, excellence school attendance records and focus of the students concerned.   We would like to extend best wishes to all our students as they embark on their 3rd level education.