1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

Sports Day 2011

On Tue 17th May the entire school community boarded buses which efficiently whisked everybody to the CIT track. Ms Johnson had a wonderful schedule of events organised and all went to their designated section of the field and began the high jump, the long jump, the 100 metres etc. The weather was kind; we had grey skies but it was warm and dry. It was wonderful to see so many students-and indeed teachers- throw themselves wholeheartedly into athletic activity. Soon it was lunch time and afterwards we enjoyed the 400 metres relay with great participation and determination from all concerned. The day concluded with the by now traditional football match between the Sixth Years and the Staff; this titanic struggle finished with the teachers marginally ahead. Having given their all in athletic endeavour the school community was bussed back to RMC at the end of a truly enjoyable day. Well done everybody!