1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’


Religion is not just an intellectual pursuit in our academy, but a way of life-each for all, and all for each. Times of religious significance are celebrated throughout the year, and our religious ethos is evident in these liturgies, Carol services, Easter services, Retreats and Assemblies.

A School Retreat is organised each year for the senior students. Fourth Years particularly enjoy the day, and find that it enriches their sense of meaning in life. The Scála team give the retreat, and they are based at the Sacred Heart Convent, in Blackrock, Cork. Most years we travel out to the retreat centre, but this year we held it in the school due to supervision difficulties. Attendance at the Retreat is optional and costs 14 euro each.  Afterwards the students wrote accounts of their experience of the Retreat, and this is what one 4th girl wrote:

“I think the best part of the retreat was the meditation. It really opened my eyes to my feelings as we had to picture ourselves on a quiet beach. It really relaxed the group, and the atmosphere in the room changed completely”.

Another student wrote:

“I feel a deeper sense of faith, as during the day they read out random passages from the bible which were very deep and meaningful. It encouraged me to turn to the bible when I`m down or confused. This has brought me closer to God”.

To complement the religion syllabus, extra socio-religious events, such as guest speakers are invited in to broaden the students` horizons. The following test paper gives an idea of the range of topics covered during Religion class.

Fourth Year Religion Examination Christmas 2010                                                                                                           Ms.Desmond

Please answer four of the following questions.


a. Write a note on the work of Cura.

b. What advice would you give to a friend dealing with a crisis pregnancy?

c. What information did you hear from the Cura councillor that you did not already know?

d. Do you think it`s a good idea to hear about this work in 4th year? Explain


a. Write a note on your School Retreat.

b. Say what the best part of the day was.

c. What was the least enjoyable aspect of it?

d. Did you feel it gave you a deeper sense of faith? Explain.


November is the month of the Holy Souls.

a. Why do we learn about grief in R.E. class during November?

b. What is grief?

C. list and explain the five stages.

D. on the video about death the priest gave us many understandings about it. Try to recall two of his stories, and say how and why they helped you in your own grasp of death.


a. Write a note on the talk given to you by the Sexual Health Centre.

b. What did you learn that you did not already know?

c. Has it changed you views on socialising in any way?

d. Is it a good idea to have this talk? Explain.


a. Write a note about Helen Keller.

B. In what ways is her story inspirational?

c. What challenge does it present for each one of us?

d. What can you do to help people who are blind?

e. “There is none so blind as those who will not see” (Old Proverb). What do you think this means? Give examples, and possible solutions.


Write an Assembly on one of the following topics;

a. The assemblies I remember best.

b. The challenges of being a 4th year student.

c. My Christmas message for 2010.

d. The importance of not judging one another.

“If there is one of you who have not sinned, let them be the first to throw a stone”. (John 8:5)