1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’


Music Department

All first year students are given an introduction to music with two classes of music appreciation and singing. In second year music is treated as a choice subject for the Junior Certificate.

Transition year music classes are actively involved in music of a practical nature. Freedom is given to individual musical development through participation in many diverse activities such as choral work, group singing & community performances. Performance is always a major part of the Transition Year Showcase.

Students can also choose music as one of their Leaving Certificate subjects at this stage. One is always in awe at the development of the student through the “doing” of music. By sixth year the student has learnt not only a valuable subject to an honours leaving certificate level but has also gained a lifelong skill in the ability to perform in a myriad of different situations!

An after school choir was formed in 2008. Its members are drawn from all year groups. It is a great opportunity for like-minded students to share an interest and a talent. They perform at school events and also enjoy making visiting guest appearances. They are also now beginning to approach the competitive nature of choral competitions.

Drama Department

In Regina Mundi College, we like to instil in our students an abiding love of the Arts; Music, Art, Creative Writing and Drama are all encouraged particularly in Transition Year, where we have a Drama and Theatre Studies Module. During the course of the year, the students get to learn about the work involved in putting on a full musical and are given the opportunity to participate fully in all aspects of the show. This includes acting, singing, dancing, stage management, backstage crew, hair and make-up, props, backdrop/set design and costumes.

Our next production is My Fair Lady which will be performed in the school on 24th /25th March 2011