1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

Development Education

Development Education


Development Education is an integral part of the TY curriculum in Regina Mundi College. We aim to introduce the general concept of development and the various forms of development aid. We examine the causes and effects of World Debt and look at the concept of “Make Poverty History”, one of the Millennium Development Goals.

We work, together with, two Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’S) namely, Plan Ireland and Goal to present a series of workshops and activities on development issues. Students take control of their own learning and the methodology of peer to peer education is encouraged.

We give the students an understanding of particular global development issues, namely the dangers of stereotyping, the effects of poverty and the effect of access to education, rights and resources. Through our partnership link with Dahon High School in Lesotho we hope to cultivate a sense of solidarity with young people in developing countries. By examining the facts behind an unequal world we aim to give students a greater understanding of how privileged we really are.

Some of our aims are

  • To introduce students to the general concept of Development
  • To outline the various forms of Development Aid
  • To familiarise students with our linked school – Dahon High School, Lesotho
  • To allow students to learn about the country, Lesotho, and complete a web quest and fact sheet on it.
  • To study World Debt and the causes and effects of it.
  • Introduce students to the concept of “Make Poverty History”
  • Study the Millennium Goals
  • Examine the facts behind an Unequal World
  • Study the Case Study “If the World were a Village”
  • Examine various Case Studies by Where in the World
  • Look at the World Population reaching 7 billion in October 2011 and the implications of this.
  • Discuss the effects of the “Population Explosion” on developing countries.
  • Dealing with current development issues e.g. refugee crisis in Syria
  • Examination of “Designing for Change”
  • Look at the rights of children throughout the world
  • The right to Education
  • World inequalities
  • Case Studies
  • Workshops
  • Projects