1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

French Exchange

Regina Mundi College has formed a link with Lycee Notre Dame de Voeu, in Hennebont, Brittany. We are into our second year of partner-exchange , which facilitates students from Transition year and FifthYear to spend a week with their host partner and her family.

By participating in this exchange programme, the student experiences the linguistic, cultural and social aspects of another country. R.M.C. students, accompanied by the Principal, Ms. M. Corcoran and French teacher Mrs. A. Daly, travelled to Brittany  in December 2009, on the first exchange. Our students  stayed with the French family for the week and attended school with their partners. All learned much about French life and the differences between Irish and French education systems. We also enjoyed tours of Hennebont and the surrounding area. All too soon and it was time to return to Cork.

March 2010 saw the return of our new friends. It was our turn to show the French what life and school was like, here in Cork. Our families looked after the exchange partners and gave them a wonderful experience of family life. The French students learned very quickly how different school life here is! The most significant observation was that we wear a uniform! We organised tours around Cork to show the historical and cultural heritage of our city. We even organised a Ceili for everyone. The French students learned some Irish dances and even taught us some Breton ones.

In October 2010,  the French students on the current programme , came and enjoyed the “cead mile failte” once again. We tried to vary the programme to encompass as many aspects of Cork life as possible. This time the French experienced Jazz at Regina Mundi College and enjoyed an impromptu concert showing off the many talents of Regina Mundi students.

We will return to France in May 2011 for the second part of this year’s programme. All the students involved are looking forward to renewing their friendships.

Vive  l’Irlande et Vive la France!