1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

Code of Behaviour

Regina Mundi College was founded by Margaret Corrigan in 1961. The ethos of the school is Christian, based on the philosophy, official teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic Church, while respecting other traditions, values and beliefs. ‘Daisy’ Corrigan encouraged her school community of students, staff, parents/guardians and management to develop ‘a spirit of loyalty and responsibility’. These are still essential characteristics of the College. Regina Mundi College encourages each student to be ‘excellent’, to work hard, to develop her talents both academic and non-academic.

Achievement in every field of endeavour is affirmed in Regina Mundi College. Formal praise is given to students in newsletters and at school assemblies. Students are informally commended by subject teachers and other school personnel. Admission to Regina Mundi College is in accordance with the Regina Mundi College Admission Policy.

The Discipline Code is designed to help our students to develop ‘self discipline’ as the means of achieving some order in their lives and as preparation for future citizenship. It enables the school to provide ‘guidance, understanding, leadership and moral support’ to all our girls. We are committed to providing a socio-educational ethos in which our students can mature into responsible young women capable of coping with the challenges of a rapidly changing World.

The following rules are designed to support effective teaching and learning in Regina Mundi College. They have been drawn up in consultation with staff, parents and students. They have the approval of school management.