1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’

Parents’ Council

The Parents’ Council of Regina Mundi College is a small group of parents who have children attending the College and who are elected by the Parents of the pupils attending the College:-

(1)   to be a means of communication between the Parents and the Administration of the College

(2)   to support the College (a) financially e.g. by fund-raising and (b) morally e.g. by supporting the aims and ideals of the College

(3)   to facilitate and organise social functions and lectures for the Parents.

The Council meets once a month if possible and is attended by members of the College Administration.

The Parents’ Association organises a variety of successful fund raising events each year such as a night at the Cork Greyhound Track, a Sponsored Walk, a Table Quiz and a Christmas Raffle. They are very understanding and supportive of the work of the school; their efforts are greatly appreciated.