1961-2011     Fifty years ‘with wisdom and courage’


In founding Regina Mundi College, Miss Corrigan sought
passionately to give living expression to her concept of
true education based on religious commitment, educational
and cultural values and dedication to public service. The ethos
of the school is Christian, based on the philosophy, official
teaching and practice of the Roman Catholic Church, while
respecting other traditions, values and beliefs. Miss Corrigan
encouraged her school community to develop “a spirit of loyalty
and responsibility”. These are still essential characteristics of
the College. Regina Mundi College encourages each student
to be “excellent”, to work hard, to develop her talents both
academic and non-academic. Achievement in every field
of endeavour is affirmed in Regina Mundi College.

Each student is expected to have a strong sense of social
responsibility and to achieve a balance between the
concept of personal excellence and the ideal of social
service. Fundamental to this aim is the understanding
that community service begins in the home and that the
school supplements the home to expand the student’s
experience and opportunity.

The principal and staff, together with parents and pupils,
strive to realize the objective of its founder Miss Corrigan,
that Regina Mundi College should contribute to the quality
of life in Cork. A practical expression of this concern for
the community is promoted, where appropriate, through
civic occasions and community service and through the
encouragement of a strong spirit of loyalty and
responsibility binding all in a common interest and
well defined objective. The mottoes of the school are:
“Sapientia et virtute” ( with wisdom and courage),
and “Each for all and all for each”.